Heat Transfer Fluids Supply Company

MultiTherm is a full service, one-stop shop when it comes to heat transfer fluids and thermal oil systems. With over 41 years of experience marketing to 35 different process industries throughout the world, MultiTherm has established expertise and relationships with heater & processing equipment manufacturers to become one of the premier heat transfer fluids supply companies. Our line of heat transfer fluids for high and low temperature applications, hot oil filtration systems, and heat transfer fluid systems offer reliable performance at a reasonable price.

Heat Transfer Fluids for High and Low Temperature Applications
Oxidation and fluid boil-off are major problems when using open-loop systems. Oxidation produces organic acids, which can polymerize and create deposits. Because oxidation of the heat transfer fluid is the most common form of contamination in a system, MultiTherm has developed a line of fluids designed to meet the rising and demanding requirements of liquid phase open-loop heat transfer fluid system applications. MultiTherm OG-1® is an oxidation resistant heat transfer fluid for open-loop systems with the latest proprietary oxidation inhibitor/stabilizers.

Hot Oil Filtration Systems
Designed for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating systems up to 600°F, MultiTherm IG-4® is a non-toxic durable heat transfer oil used for heating all types of process equipment. For example, MultiTherm IG-4® is used in asphalt storage facilities for line tracing and tank heating, die temperature control systems for its clean operation and high flash point, and in commercial laundries, where it provides higher throughput and a greater degree of safety for laundry staff.

Heat Transfer Fluid Systems
Non-Hazardous Cleaning Fluid MultiTherm PSC Plus® is designed for cleaning large systems more economically. MultiTherm PSC Plus® is a non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-hazardous material with a high flash point that is economical for large systems. Designed to break down sludge and stay in suspension for easy removal or filtration, systems using MultiTherm PSC Plus® can be operated up to 550°f/288°C.

Make Multitherm your choice for a heat transfer fluids supply company, and review the specs of their heat transfer fluids for high and low temperature applications, hot oil filtration systems, and heat transfer fluid systems.

Heat Transfer Fluids